InDices: An Indie RPG Podcast

InDices is an actual-play podcast, focused on indie tabletop RPGs.

I've been playing roleplaying games in some form or another for about 25 years. But more than just playing them, I would always get interested in the worlds and systems behind odd indie RPGs, so I would pick them up, read them... but never play them. So I decided that's pretty silly, and then I started this project -- the InDices Podcast.

It's an actual-play podcast, completely focused on the off-the-beaten-path indie stuff. A Penny For My Thoughts, Fiasco, HeadspaceOne Last Job, Questlandia, Misericord(e), Itras By, Nefertiti Overdrive, Shooting the Moon, Kagematsu, Monster of the Week, Stars Without Number and The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen are all games I have on the short list. The long list is about 300 titles or so. I may have a problem.

We play Monster of the Week (Revised) in a long-play campaign with regular players, and intersperse episodes with standalone games

Local players ("local" meaning London, Ontario) are welcome to reach out if they're interested in participating or helping out... or even just saying "hi". Just send me an note on twitter, facebook, or email

Episode List