Development Credits (Personal)

  • Mic Drop (in production)
    A tabletop game that creates a documentary of a dumpster fire of a band on a train wreck of an album tour.

  • The Extraordinary Companion of Baron Munchausen (in production)
    iOS and Android companion app for The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

  • PitchFest
    A card-based tabletop story game about pitching ideas (various editions, including Video Games, Movies, and Tabletop Games)

  • Pungeons & Flagons
    A tabletop microgame where heroes spin a pun-filled story of their adventures in an attempt to win free room & board.

  • Urbble (sunset due to platform)
    Random Urban Dictionary entries on the Pebble smartwatch

  • iJoust (prototype, unreleased)
    Physical "Keepaway" game, using peer-to-peer networking

  • SimDev (prototype, unreleased)
    Game Jam Simulator made during a Game Jam

  • RingForge (sunset)
    Augmented Reality app to create and preview custom goldsmithing work

  • Numerous other prototypes and experiments

Development Credits

  • Unannounced Prototype (Stadia)

  • Proprietary Engine Development (Web - JavaScript/Emscripten)

  • Tiny Tappers (iOS/Android/Web)

  • ProjectV/Galatron (iOS/Android/Web)

  • Tiny Kingdoms (iOS/Android/Web)

  • Dark Heroes (iOS/Web)

  • Zombie Misfits (Flash & Facebook)

  • Junk: Battles/Wars (Flash)

  • Motropolis (iPhone)

  • Geeks Unleashed (PC)

  • Pop-a-tronic (PC)

  • Home Sweet Home (PC/Mac)

  • Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (Nintendo DS)

  • Mage Knight: Destiny's Soldier (Nintendo DS)

  • Battlefield 2: Special Forces (PC)

  • Battlefield 2 (PC)

  • Battlefield: Vietnam (PC)

  • Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII (PC)

  • Pryzm: The Dark Unicorn (PS2)

  • Shrek (Xbox)

  • Hockey Night In Canada (Gameboy Color)

  • Disney's The Emperor's New Groove (Gameboy Color)

  • Several unreleased prototypes & titles