Andrew Berdan.


Andrew Berdan is a London, Ontario-based creative whose effortless storytelling blends magic and mystery with the wonders of modern media.

With a 20-year-long career in game development, Andrew brings the expertise of AAA game-development to console, pc, web and mobile platforms, including personal projects that stretch the boundaries of platforms and what it means to be a game. The love of collaboration and cooperation has led him to bring it to the tabletop and analog gaming world with Berdandy Studios and  gmparty.

In subsequent years, Andrew has told many stories, from directing award-winning short films, acting in others, creating story games with Berdandy Studios, performing on various podcast and live projects, telling the stories of others through the medium of portraiture and action photography, and showing the hidden stories of behind-the-scenes movie still photography.

Contact Andrew at for inquiries about game development and storytelling of all forms.


Rachel Berdan.

Founder Whisperer. IMPACT STORYTELLER. COACH. Connector. Creator.

Rachel is passionate about helping businesses find and articulate both their purpose and their impact, from change management communications to rally a team around a vision to core messaging and stories that build a brand. Rachel is particularly adept at working with founders and leadership teams, asking tough questions that lead to clarity and alignment, and shifting focus to orient around purpose and impact. Knowing that individual contributions matter, yet nothing of great significance is can be accomplished alone, Rachel has a knack for bringing the right people together and holding them accountable to achieve an aligned purpose.

A 2x Ironman and Certified Yoga Teacher, Rachel brings a balance of grit and compassion to everything she does. In her working style, it shows up as both direct communication and laser focus, as well as holding space for the people she works with to discover their own strength and break through the ceiling of what they thought possible (which she loves nothing more than to witness).  

You can reach Rachel at or on Twitter. Find out more about Rachel's professional life on LinkedIn. Connect with Rachel’s crafty side through her Etsy shop, Nasty Nerd Boutique.