Andrew Berdan.

Photographer. Filmmaker. Game Developer.

Andrew Berdan is a London, Ontario-based photographer whose editorial style captures the essence of action at a moment in time and brings the true personalities of people to life in portrait.

With experience in action sports and a passion for street performance, Andrew brings an insider's perspective to his photography in this area - drawing the viewer right into the action where he/she would otherwise be simply an observer.

Andrew's openness to people has allowed him to explore the many layers of emotion and identity that each individual embodies in his touching portraiture.

Contact Andrew at for scheduling and other inquiries. His race photography is also available under the Tallshots Photography name.

Andrew is also a 15-year veteran of the video game development industry. See his LinkedIn profile for more details.


Rachel Berdan.

Writer. Athlete. Coach.

Rachel knew as early as junior high that she was destined to write. Instead of responding to the notes her friends passed to her in class (like a normal person), she corrected them. While that may not have made her popular, it set the stage for a career in all sorts of communications roles. Rachel's best work is creative writing that feeds her spirit, and the pieces that allow her to capture the spirit of others.

In the early stages of adulthood, Rachel also discovered a passion for running. That grew into a passion for running farther, and then for adding biking and (finally) swimming to the mix. A proud Ironman, Rachel is happiest when she's racing, and has found great joy in sharing her love for sport with people who are just discovering it. 

You can reach Rachel at or on Twitter. Find out more about Rachel's wild professional ride on LinkedIn