Under London Stories

Wanted: a group of 3-5 players to play a roleplaying game campaign over twitter in real time over 7 (or 30?) days.


  • Each player should make a new twitter account for their character
  • Posts MUST stay in character. If you feel a need to talk out of character, retweet and comment with a personal account instead.
  • DON'T describe what your character does: "I go to the store. What kind of armour can I buy?”
  • DO say what you character would say instead: "I found this terrible shop. I wonder if they have any good armour for sale?”
  • I will play as the GM using the @underlondon account and will react to what happens in real time. I may even queue up timed posts that happen at odd times.  For example, ambushes during the night.
  • The game will run for 7 (or 30?) days, and a specific twitter list will be created for that game. All players should watch that list.
  • There will also be a short hashtag for each individual game for convenience, but will not denote official posts. It will be used for discussions about the game, not the game itself.