Week 3: Good Hydrations

Week 3 challenge:
Drink 8 (8 oz.) glasses of water each day.

My weapons of choice:
700 ml MiiR bottle, 1L beer mug, and a promo cup with a straw that I keep at my desk.

How'd I do?
Well, the actual week when I did the challenge was great. I met it surpassed my water goal every day like a boss.

Then a couple of things happened: work picked up in a delightfully awesome (yet time consuming) way, the long weekend was full of love and celebration as we welcomed summer, and then I got oh-GOD-kill-me-now sick. My water goal, this blog series, and other things like normal sleep and eaton habits took a back seat as I just held on tight and enjoyed the ride...or at least tried not to be ejected from it.

And I can tell you that there was a big difference. Without enough sleep, I was drinking too much coffee, which dehydrated me. The dehydration was exacerbated by the fact that I wasn't getting enough water, and my balance (emotionally, mentally, life-ly) was completely off, because I had no yoga (or other physical activity) in my life. And then I got sick, so...consequences.

But now I'm back. Since I was derailed so early in this process, I'm confident I can stand firm on my yoga, sleep and water goals as I add in another challenge.

What's next?
I've been doing it informally despite having neglected this blog (and myself) a bit along the way. It's a combination of a few tips I've seen and tried to incorporate at various times.

  • 3 gratitudes: Write down 3 things every day that I'm grateful for. This a pretty common practice. When I've done it in the past, I've felt a shift to a more positive mindset, and I definitely feel like I could use a dose of that. (You're welcome, friends and family).

  • 3 accomplishments: I have a nearly endless to do list, and it's so easy to focus on and be stressed out about what isn't done yet, so I'm going to make sure I capture 3 accomplishments every day that I can go to bed feeling good about.

  • 2 tasks to tackle: I sometimes spend some time in the morning wondering where to start my day. I want to end each day with a list of two things that are important to accomplish tomorrow so I can set my day up right, and I'm sure it's a good idea, since the "plan tomorrow's priorities" approach is one of those things I see everywhere I look for time management help. My list is always longer than two, but this is all about setting myself up for success, so the two "must-do" idea feels a like a good fit. It's manageable enough that I can aim to get through the top priorities early in my day, maybe eat a frog or two before getting on with a productive day. 

And look at that! It all adds up to 8. BAM! I'm a math genius