A Fractured LinkedIn Connection: Networking in the Age of #MeToo (Part 3 of 3)

[#MeToo] has us talking about a broad spectrum of behaviour… this piece is not about trauma, but rather lies on the everyday sexism end of the spectrum where women are still regarded in the professional sphere as objects or potential dates before professionals whose accomplishments and expertise are positive contributions to their field.

Networking with Purpose: Using LinkedIn Authentically (Part 2 of 3)

I saw people with HUGE networks, and toyed with the idea of becoming a L.I.O.N., but realized that reaching out to ask for a connection didn’t feel comfortable (especially with all that advice about how asking for a connection without a personalized message was spammy) and I didn’t actually have that many requests to accept. It also didn’t feel like “me” for some reason, though I wasn’t sure why. 

The Art of Intentional Leadership

Wisdom 2.0 is a conference that’s all about living with mindfulness and wisdom in the digital age, and it’s a rare breed of conference that feeds the mind, body and soul. It may seem counterintuitive to have a conference where business, technology and mindfulness meet, given the social critique of how much time we spend in front of screens, but a lot of tech leaders are aware of the blessing and curse of technology and are encouraging greater mindfulness. It can just as easily connect us around the globe as it can disconnect us from the life in front of us.