Meat Cookies

When growing up, we used to get factory seconds from a cookie factory. It was great! Slightly misshapen, but usually tasted just fine. They came in a big box, within a sealed bag. The box was so large, us kids would just leave it in the freezer, half-opened, and take out a cold cookie or two or eight (don't tell Mom) when we wanted some.

The trouble started when my mom bought a few roasts from the butcher, wrapped in butcher paper, and crammed them into the freezer, not knowing that us kids had unsealed the box of cookies. The unsealed cookies quickly took on the flavour of pork roast. You HAVEN'T LIVED until you've had sugar cookies that tasted like soggy cardboard and raw pork.

We used to dare each other to eat the Meat Cookies. In hindsight, not the smartest thing.

Nobody got sick. I think. Pretty sure.