Body Image Portrait Contest

EDIT: The contest is over. Stay tuned for a possible relaunch of the contest.


I have some big news!

With the launch of my new website, I have recently started opening my photography towards portraiture clients. My mission as a portrait artist is to sift through the layers of persona that each of us pile on ourselves -- parent, partner, employee, artist, office worker, part-time unicyclist, etc -- and find that true inviolable core YOU. Bringing that YOU to the surface is nothing short of magical, and that magical moment can be transformational. Everyone deserves that experience.

For a limited time, I'm offering a contest with a free portrait session to a few lucky winners! But wait, there's a twist!


There are two ways to enter the contest!


  1. Fill in the blank, and post the following on twitter: "My ____ is/are my best feature, and deserves to be featured in a #BodyImagePortrait by @andyberdan. What's yours?". You should mention your best feature, whether it's your hair, your shoulders, your smile, your infectious laughter or your rapier wit.
  2. If you're shy, or hate twitter, email me at, with "BODY IMAGE PORTRAIT" in the subject line. In the email, you still have to tell me all about your best feature, but at least I'll be the only one reading it.

The best entries will win a photo shoot, custom tailored to highlight those features.

* Fine Print: must be local to London, Ontario, Canada.