Andrew Berdan.


Andrew Berdan is a London, Ontario-based creative whose effortless storytelling blends magic and mystery with the wonders of modern media.

With a nearly 20-year career in game development, Andrew brings the expertise of AAA game-development to console, pc and mobile platforms, including personal projects that stretch the boundaries of platforms and what it means to be a game. The love of collaboration and cooperation has led him to bring it to the tabletop and analog gaming world with Berdandy Studios and  gmparty.

In subsequent years, Andrew has told many stories, from directing award-winning short films, acting in others, creating story games with Berdandy Studios, performing on various podcast and live projects, telling the stories of others through the medium of portraiture and action photography, and showing the hidden stories of behind-the-scenes movie still photography.

Contact Andrew at for inquiries about game development and storytelling of all forms.


Rachel Berdan.

Writer. Athlete. Coach.

Rachel knew as early as junior high that she was destined to write. Instead of responding to the notes her friends passed to her in class (like a normal person), she corrected them. While that may not have made her popular, it set the stage for a career in all sorts of communications roles. Rachel's best work is creative writing that feeds her spirit, and the pieces that allow her to capture the spirit of others.

In the early stages of adulthood, Rachel also discovered a passion for running. That grew into a passion for running farther, and then for adding biking and (finally) swimming to the mix. A proud Ironman, Rachel is happiest when she's racing, and has found great joy in sharing her love for sport with people who are just discovering it. 

You can reach Rachel at or on Twitter. Find out more about Rachel's wild professional ride on LinkedIn